Abdulrahman Khatib

Strategy Director at BOXES

Al Annabi Center - Riyadh, SA

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: 1984 February 2
  • Marital: Married
  • Nationality: Syrian
  • PHONE: +966-544489599
  • EMAIL: a.khatib@windowslive.com


Senior Multitasking Professional who can utilize all of my skills combined with 15+ years of experience to work with innovative leading mega Organizations specialized in a Medical field(S) with a promising challenging position in order to expand my knowledge and take a step forward in this career.

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FromJul 2023ToPresent

Mysan Management ConsultingRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Senior Innovation Corporate Strategy Consultant

Framing strategies for corporation willing to conduct digital transformation through all its steps starting from digitization, digitalization yielding a full digital transformation.

Aiding corporates in corrective actions strategies to catch up and design plans & procedures’ schemes to avoid or prevent repeating the same issues in the future.

Designing training frameworks for corporates’ management.

FromNov 2022ToPresent

BOXESRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Strategy Director

Responsible for creating actionable and profitable long-term objectives for BOXES in its partnerships with its clients and moderating strategic projects which show BOXES intelligent communication capabilities. Develop innovative solutions frameworks and options regarding complex and sensitive issues to achieve improved strategy outcomes including through problem identification, testing and challenging assumptions, and approaches. Monitor and manage risks and opportunities to deliver significant priority strategies. moderating C-Suit & executives affiliations with BOXES & supporting the team in their projects.

FromApr 2022ToOct 2022

6 Months

BWRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Marketing Manager

Lead Marketing activities for the BW in multiple sectors mainly including healthcare facilities and healthcare institutions requiring or needing IT solutions and providing various array of consultations/consulting services for start-up medical facilities. Securing the presence of BW in activities and events involving suitable opportunities, and training for the new employees.

FromJan 2021ToFeb 2022

1 Year 1 Month

NestléRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

MSL/Medical & Scientific Affairs Shadowing

Assumed a second parallel role of an MSL within our medical team at Nestle as shadowing for our medical and scientific affairs director, handling all scientific activities and conferences, KOLs/top medical experts engagement & management, and training for the medical delegates.

FromFeb 2016ToJan 2021

4 years & 11 Months

NestléRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Executive Medical Delegate

Listed Nestlé Products in many accounts & institutions that were assigned to me responsibility like King Fahad Medical City, Abdulrahman Al Faisal & Saudi German Hospital, by getting the medical recommendations needed, & participated in driving the market share forward vs competition in the assigned area.

FromMar 2014ToJan 2016

1 Year 11 Months

GMGRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Market researcher

Established many projects, researches in addiction’s substitution therapies for pharmaceutical organizations willing to enter the GCC and Saudi Market specifically, cardiology and ophthalmology from 2014 till 2016. Including market analysis, set go-to-market strategy, studying the potential needs and shot/long term plans.

FromJune 2012ToFeb 2014

1 Year 6 Months

Les Laboratoires ServierRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Regional Task Force

Started a new project involving Launching an innovative product with a brand new principle/concept against the mainstream antidepressants, where I organized and executed awareness campaign, then marketing followed by even distribution of the new product in all of the private, institutions & MOH sectors, resulting in it becoming among the top 5 antidepressants within 8 months achieving 111% Vs. target

FromJan 2010ToMay 2012

2 Years 4 Months

Les Laboratoires ServierRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Product Expert

Drove our team towards consecutive success for all those three years, where we planned, organized and executed all the AV marketing activities (conducting and presenting more than 200 Presentations and managing round table discussions) and resulted in achievements vs target in 2010, 2011 and 2012 of 109%, 117% and 119% respectively.

FromJan 2009ToDec 2009

1 Year

JPMRiyadh - Saudi Arabia

Medical Representative

Developed the sales in the area assigned yielding an achievement of 156% vs TGT in one year for a portfolio containing more than 10 products, covering multiple therapies including: antihypertensives, antibiotics, antihistamines, PPIs, and analgesics.



Accounts Management
Video Editing


🇺🇸 English: Fluent – Advanced

🇸🇦 Arabic: Mother Tongue